Orion Advisor’s API: Resource expansion

Several Orion API endpoints support resource expansion. Resource expansion is a method to reduce the amount of API calls as well as the amount of traffic to and from the server.

An endpoint that supports an expand query parameter is


This endpoint returns all transactions that the signed-on user has access. The available expansion options for this endpoint includes

  • None 0
  • Billing 1
  • Portfolio 2
  • CostBasis 4
  • AdditionalInformation 8
  • UserDefinedFields 16
  • EntityOptions 32
  • All 63

For example, if you wanted all transaction for the month of July and include Portfolio and UserDefinedFields the call would look like


The api help page has documentation for all the endpoints, and is helpful for discovering parameters the endpoints take, and the descriptions of those parameters. It also shows which endpoints support resource expansion and expansion options.

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