Q: Where are you located?

Reading, Massachusetts USA

Q: Who are your typical clients?

We provide custom development to firms in the financial services space including wealth and asset management firms, advisors, hedge funds, brokerages, and start-ups.

Q: What are some of the vendor financial software you have developed with?

Advent, Bloomberg, Charles River Development, EZE Software, FACTSET, Orion, Protegent PTA, Quovo, Salesforce, SS&C, and Thomson/Reuters.

Q: What is your typical technology stack?

ASP.NET WebAPI, Angular, Azure, C#, NODE, SQLServer, and Typescript.

Q: What methods do you follow in software development?

Agile is an iterative and collaborative process by which developers deliver logical “parts” of an overall application in a two or three weeks sprint that can be tested and adjusted on the fly to meet ever-evolving business needs during development. Suite3 uses a version of Agile called ‘Scrum’. Once the preliminary requirements are clarified, the next step is to build the prototype of the application. From then on, the process is one of a continuing evolution of this prototype until it becomes the final product, exact to your specifications.

Q: Can you come on-site?

Yes we can, where required. This is especially useful in initial requirements gathering, final implementation or other pain points.

Q: How do you price your services?

Hourly at a mutually agreed rates or a fixed rate per sprint (two or three week increment).

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