Custom Development for Financial Services

We are fluent in front, middle, and back office applications in addition to their underlying platforms.   Combining practical industry knowledge with technology expertise honed through direct experience working with clients.


We provide development services for brokerages, hedge funds, advisors, and asset and wealth managers. We will take on a complete projects design through implementation or we can be team members to an existing project.

Asset Management

Wealth Management

Investment Advisors

Hedge Funds / Family Offices


We can help you with all your data visualization needs. From designing and building a fully Interactive Dashboard to a Client Investment Portal.


Our knowledge around various workflows in the financial services space and our experience with third party financial vendor products and APIs has allowed us to deliver innovated solutions to our clients.


Suite3 offers a full spectrum of application design, development, maintenance and support services along with flexibility of engagement models and project scopes.

As a boutique, entrepreneurial consulting firm, we are able to successfully deliver highly personalized, attentive service to our clients and have the agility, extensive expertise, and commitment to innovation that you need.


Client Investment Portal

An Investment Advisor’s clients continued to request a modern and more secure way for their important information to be tracked and communicated.

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Analyst Performance Tracker

An asset manager tracks the performance of each of their analyst’s stock recommendations for portfolio weighting throughout the year and currently this is being done via an excel spreadsheet and emails.

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Mobile Compliance Module

Developed a mobile Web module interfacing through an api with a flagship personal trading compliance product that automates compliance with personal trading regulations spans all areas of personal trading.

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Advent Recon Monitor

Automated reconciliation system that mitigates risk of lacking accurate cash and security balance information prior to the start of the trading day and has obvious benefits including improving efficiency, promoting transparency and minimizing operational risk.

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Creating a Consolidated Balance Sheet with Orion and Quovo. Part 2: Visualizing the Data

In part 1, I showed how to integrate managed account data from Orion with outside accounts from Quovo into Orion’s balance sheet object. In part 2, I am going to show how you can visualize the consolidated balance sheet object through charts and tables.

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Creating a Consolidated Balance Sheet with Orion and Quovo. Part 1: Retrieving the Data

You just rolled out a new client portal showing all aspects of the accounts that you oversee, but what about the accounts that you don’t oversee. Account Aggregation gives you access to outside accounts held at other institutions and provides your clients a total picture of their wealth and gives you the Advisor insight into your clients held-away assets to better serve them.

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Orion Advisor’s API: Using OData query syntax

OData query syntax is a standard way of querying RESTful APIs using a pre-defined syntax that allows the calling client to define the sort order, filter parameters and pages of data that is returned.

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Orion Advisor’s API: The Power of user defined fields.

Orion’s open architecture enables the sharing of information through their API. When developing a custom application with the API user defined fields (UDFs) are extremely useful in many ways especially if you trying to avoid utilizing a database.

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Creating an Angular 2 chart component with FusionCharts

I have used FusionCharts for both Angular 1 and Angular 2 projects and have been happy with the results.  FusionCharts is a comprehensive JavaScript charting library, with 90+ charts.

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